The Bearded Gent

Est. 2014


This product made a world of difference. My mustache and beard became soft and “playable”—gone are the days when they have the plastic feel. Another good benefit is that I no longer have beardruffs—one week of use and they went away.

Rommel M.

My beard is much thicker and darker. A few drops a day will do the trick. Thank you!

Niel K.

When it comes to grooming a growing beard here in the PH, one reliable and affordable beard care product stands strong. It has kept my beard well-groomed for 3 months! Superb job and keep it up.

Chris K.

Great for when my frizzy stache decides to have a mind of its own. Just use the bearded gent to tame those maverick flyaway strands.

Jhonjee A.

Essential grooming companion for bearded gents.

Vincent T.